W A L L     /    O F     /     S O U N D

  • Members:
    • Will, guitar, vocals, Gretsch guitar, Vox AC30 amp
    • Ricky, guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Marshall amp
    • Freddy Flow, bass, viola, vocals, keyboard, Fender bass, Ampeg amp
    • John, drums, Ludwig set

alpina noise is a multi-release, international revivalist band–intense, hard-edged, and moody, and heavy on drums and bass. A fusion of multiple musical genres, with dark echoes of post rock, punk, alternative, shoegaze, metal, noise rock, trip rock, and electronic-tinged pop confections. Influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Zero 7, The Pixies, Broken Social Scene, and British Sea Power, among others.

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